Friday, November 14, 2008

James Blunt!!!

James Blunt! is coming to the capital MCT . The tide is turning for the country I can see. It is very rare when non-arabic music arists visit the country. During the summer Hed Kandi visited Muscat...Last June, I do remember Hi Fm conducting a live chat with James Blunt and it seems that they organized or influenced his decision in coming to Oman, along with Dubai and Beirut. This is James Blunt's first tour and appearance in the middle east and I do hope it is a tour to remember... It seems that Hi Fm is starting to bring some artists to Oman including the Proclaimers that were here last summer. James Blunt, i do think, will be hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel Muscat but I'm not sure how thy'll be able to fit all these people into the intercontinental garden. The concert is scheduled on the 26th of february and tickets are on sale starting the 16th of December!!! Cant wait(hope he doesnt cancel lol)!!!:D