Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alienation that 'out of this world' feeling:P A MIND away

Have you ever felt as though you weren't part of this world? For a second you drifted outside of your body and observed the world from above and looked at yourself. It's an amazing feeling and something to be experienced, yet it is also an agitating emotion . You feel so lonely and very unsure of yourself. I seem to experience this feeling most when I'm sitting alone drifting into thoughts far and wide, things that I would not spontaneously think of. Opening your mind seems to spark this feeling and I think it also sparks some creativity in ones own self. It is only when one rests back and looks over the stresses of the day that one experiences the sensation, which, i think, is crafted deep within people to think and to wonder. It gives us a sense of purpose, imagination and being and a hideaway where we can get away from reality.

Why do people read books, watch T.V. or indulge into deep imaginative thought? I think its part of who we are as human beings. We have evolved developing society, culture and education to look beyond what is visible to us, and to imagine completely new worlds, new ideas and new possibilities. We indulge into stories and fantasies that take us away from the sometimes boring day and that spark imagination in our minds, and i think that is what makes us such a creative race. If it were not for our far reaching mind that is able to cut across visual barriers and existing paradigms then we would not have been able to develop such diverse ways of thinking, perception and cultures. Our strength lies in our diversity, a diversity that has created a heap of knowledge because different people think in different ways.

It is those that have indulged in the art of imagining, yes it is an art, into stretching their minds in ways sometimes impossible to imagine many of whom have created masterpieces of knowledge in science, literature, art and economics to name but a few.

However, although we look at the eccentric and artistic person we also have to consider the success of straightforward driven individuals, who have adapted their attitudes to there craft, that requires focus and persistence, quick thinking and decisiveness, yes it is a different truth.

The mind expands, and stretches in ways impossible to imagine and it is astonishing to say the least that we have been able to stimulate light(that which you see come out of the monitor) to send messages across oceans, skies and space. To land on that big cheese ball called the moon, yes it is remarkable!!! If it were not for the mind and the driven expansion of it, we would definitely not be here to day. So i salute you oh mighty brain, oh! abstract and crazy thought for you are the genius behind success, and improvement.