Monday, March 23, 2009


The Chicken Pox, 

A couple of weeks back my younger brother, 14, had the chicken pox. I do not know how or where he got it, probably at some pool or something. Anyways i stayed at least a few metres away I did not even sit in the T.V. room, speak directly with him, and guess what? Now I have it. Chicken Pox at 17 is definitely greatly agitating, it's my final year of I.B. and things at school are pretty important now, and so I'm resenting this completely. I discovered I had the chickenpox when I got back from school yesterday. In the morning I noticed my back was a bit overloaded with spots, and I said to myself 'wow, what kind of acne is this, is this a bit too much?’ Well I ignored it. When I got back home I found much on my chest and back and then asked 'the dad' and confirmed the chickenpox. What a bad time to get this horrible virus.



Got up from bed and immediately went to Starbucks Shatti with my older brother, we sat outside where there was no one, and had coffee and chatted for about an hour. Then it was back home, where I engaged in some organic chemistry revision, I had the energy. A movie, Batman Begins, followed and then lunch, more T.V., PC, and napping. Not a bad day except for the spells of fatigue and dizziness. 





PS. Resisting to scratch (it's hard), but I haven’t done it yet. 


Leaving you with a picture of my face (viewer discretion is advised)

Friday, March 13, 2009

B + F Roadside Diner...Review

A couple of friends and I decided to go and checkout this new hotspot in town at Shining Shatti (Bareeq Shatti). I have seen that they have been working on it for a while now, getting the place ready for opening, it sure did take a while and it's still a soft opening too ( The Grand Opening is in April). As we walked in we were greeted happily, albeit a bit too much, by the staff as they were eager to sit us down, at an already filled up restaurant. The place is not your traditional burger joint, mainly modelled with steel walls, and all sorts of accessories and unorthodox design, that gives the place a unique ambience. The menu itself was luring, with it's thick metal like cover and the wide choice of variety as you flip the pages (although they still do not serve milk shakes, smoothies, or any other juices or drinks apart from your regular soda). You can try some interesting starters such as chilli cheese fries, or nachos, and indulge into a classic burger or gourmet burger add some accessories such as fries to that and you have yourself a great meal! Overall the meat that they used was really juicy and tasty far better than your regular McDonalds. The only drawback I experienced was the fact that when I wanted to pay using my credit card they did not have that option available.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday was a chill day. Although it started off as boring, with me sitting on the sand at the beach, headphones on listening to some music, alone, it was pretty cool.  I went over to my friend’s house. It kind of feels like your being watched over there. His family is pretty rigorously religious and you always feel self conscious, as you might expect. Well we managed to ditch the place, and head on over to the sand dunes. Of course we stopped at Haider's house so that he can change, and amazingly he was quite quick considering the deliberately sluggish way in which he moves and gets things done. Anyway we were on our way and it was my first time dune biking so it was amazing as you might expect. Not the first time biking, the first dune biking! :P All I can report is sand, speed, and recklessness. Oh yeah I think I also spoilt the rear brakes, maybe? 


The day ended as usual with us in M.Q. at Starbucks, just sitting there and not ordering anything, while my friend protested the fact that we will order nothing because Starbucks supports the Zionist Israelis, and sitting there so no one else can?!!! WEIRD i must say. Then I was back home, just me, to my secluded room to relax and watch "Role Models", which I would definitely recommend, McLovin is inít:P. So yeah I'm out with this latest update from Oh!man on VERTIGO 

Friday, March 6, 2009

A good friend!

      (Haider Al Zaabi)

My friend Haider is a person I admire, he's got a great sense of humour weird ideas, and great fun to talk to. He stands out in a crowd, just look at his hair and then big head of his, postured on top of that short body of his (:P). 2 nights ago was Haider's birthday and instead of us surprising him, he surprised us. We were standing in the school car park and a limo passes by and he's like get in, but I didnt believe him, and then he went up to it and we all got in, drove around Muscat for 2 hours and had a great time. Good Idea Haider I must say. Yesterday Haider was also carageous enough to jump off the bridge in the Qurm beach road into the water(which we all did) but didn't think Haider would! He also likes to take my clothes to wear. He loves punck rock, a lot of other rock, Panic at the Disco I must mention, like them too. Haider has just turned 17! So Happy  17th Birthday Haider! One of my best friends :P:D!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update :P

This week as been a very awkward week for me personally with all the work at school and the mind boggling course called I.B. Not just that but personal issues. I finally got to the that blog everyone was talking about, and all the bullshit that people were gossipping about wasn't really there so to speak, but nevertheless, it was quite an entertaining read, got me reading! Hamdan and Nizar HAHA! 

Besides that the Mocks were alright did as expected with a few minor exceptions! Oh yeah and paintball is out in town at last, can't wait to try it out, but i know it would be as good as that which i tried in England. But oh wtf!

 I do hope this weekend is far better than last week's, which wasn't really one. Got a high fever missed a concert in Oman, James Blunt, you might think why does he care about that? Well we don't really get award winning artist in Oman...EVER! So yeah pretty pissed about that.

That dude yeah Modee, warning you, is acting a bit weird these days with his , i dont give a shit attitude and your so infintile accusations, guess he'll get over that. I asked him for 3 Rials today, he went crazy and started coming up with some weird ass shit. Oh well the world never ceases to amaze me.