Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday was a chill day. Although it started off as boring, with me sitting on the sand at the beach, headphones on listening to some music, alone, it was pretty cool.  I went over to my friend’s house. It kind of feels like your being watched over there. His family is pretty rigorously religious and you always feel self conscious, as you might expect. Well we managed to ditch the place, and head on over to the sand dunes. Of course we stopped at Haider's house so that he can change, and amazingly he was quite quick considering the deliberately sluggish way in which he moves and gets things done. Anyway we were on our way and it was my first time dune biking so it was amazing as you might expect. Not the first time biking, the first dune biking! :P All I can report is sand, speed, and recklessness. Oh yeah I think I also spoilt the rear brakes, maybe? 


The day ended as usual with us in M.Q. at Starbucks, just sitting there and not ordering anything, while my friend protested the fact that we will order nothing because Starbucks supports the Zionist Israelis, and sitting there so no one else can?!!! WEIRD i must say. Then I was back home, just me, to my secluded room to relax and watch "Role Models", which I would definitely recommend, McLovin is inít:P. So yeah I'm out with this latest update from Oh!man on VERTIGO