Monday, March 2, 2009

Update :P

This week as been a very awkward week for me personally with all the work at school and the mind boggling course called I.B. Not just that but personal issues. I finally got to the that blog everyone was talking about, and all the bullshit that people were gossipping about wasn't really there so to speak, but nevertheless, it was quite an entertaining read, got me reading! Hamdan and Nizar HAHA! 

Besides that the Mocks were alright did as expected with a few minor exceptions! Oh yeah and paintball is out in town at last, can't wait to try it out, but i know it would be as good as that which i tried in England. But oh wtf!

 I do hope this weekend is far better than last week's, which wasn't really one. Got a high fever missed a concert in Oman, James Blunt, you might think why does he care about that? Well we don't really get award winning artist in Oman...EVER! So yeah pretty pissed about that.

That dude yeah Modee, warning you, is acting a bit weird these days with his , i dont give a shit attitude and your so infintile accusations, guess he'll get over that. I asked him for 3 Rials today, he went crazy and started coming up with some weird ass shit. Oh well the world never ceases to amaze me. 


S.I said...

An entry full of emotions. Grr :-P

Hatem said...

Just a bit of me in there! LOL!