Monday, November 17, 2008

Barack Obama, hope or hopeless?

November 4th. That was the date we were all waiting for. The day the world would witness a dawn of a new era in the US administration, a day history would be made. The first African American president or the first female vice president. The world, the media and the momentum were all on Obama's side. America voted and so were they. President elect Barack Obama, thats all that was on the news for a week. His messages of hope and his speeches of a new day bore much resemblance to the charisma and the calibre of Dr. Revrd. Martin Luther Kings Jr. 
Two weeks after that historic day, the world is starting to ask questions, they are starting to lose hope. Was it all a scam they ask? Is he really going to create a better world? Can he? Is he just another politician, sweet tongued with a posion sting? Then they started to question his appointees, mainly Rahm Emanuel, who is a zionist. 
My verdict is, its too early to tell. However, politicians are politicians , no matter who you are, no matter what you say, if  you are a politician you will do anything to get elected. He says hes going to change Washington? 230 years without change, good luck buddy. I do highly regard Obama though and I do think he will improve the US economy and its foreign policy, although with respect to his ideas, the US foreign policy's core will never change. Regarding Rahm Emanuel, he was appointed cheif of staff, meaning he has no influence over foreign policy, security , the economy or any of the sort. My biggest fear of president elect Obama is that he is going to become the most powerful man in the history of the world. His ability to rally people and get them behind him is unparalelled, which will allow him to get support the world has never seen, if he wishes he could probably start wars which are unjustifiable, but with the power of his words seem more than justified.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


You always wonder oh! what do I want to eat after that long and tiresome period of exercise. Whether your lifting waits or driving yourself with some good old cardio, this meal is sure to satisfy your expectations, making you feel delighted, leaving you light, boosting up that muscle, and leaving a flavour that your taste buds wont forget.
Yes it's some gold old red meat, a rib-eye steak! Marinate that steak with whatever you like. I personally enjoyed it with some mustard, salt and pepper, butter, and barbecue sauce yet the choice is up to you. Cook it as you like it but there is nothing better than a good old medium cooked steak that leaves the redness in that meat and that is still full of that meaty juice.
Believe me it's a great feeling and good for your body too, especially after returning from exercise. This red meat contains a load of protein, which beats that protein shake in taste anytime. The protein giving you a great amount of energy after your workout and building those muscles up.
So get some good old steak, chill and grill!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alienation that 'out of this world' feeling:P A MIND away

Have you ever felt as though you weren't part of this world? For a second you drifted outside of your body and observed the world from above and looked at yourself. It's an amazing feeling and something to be experienced, yet it is also an agitating emotion . You feel so lonely and very unsure of yourself. I seem to experience this feeling most when I'm sitting alone drifting into thoughts far and wide, things that I would not spontaneously think of. Opening your mind seems to spark this feeling and I think it also sparks some creativity in ones own self. It is only when one rests back and looks over the stresses of the day that one experiences the sensation, which, i think, is crafted deep within people to think and to wonder. It gives us a sense of purpose, imagination and being and a hideaway where we can get away from reality.

Why do people read books, watch T.V. or indulge into deep imaginative thought? I think its part of who we are as human beings. We have evolved developing society, culture and education to look beyond what is visible to us, and to imagine completely new worlds, new ideas and new possibilities. We indulge into stories and fantasies that take us away from the sometimes boring day and that spark imagination in our minds, and i think that is what makes us such a creative race. If it were not for our far reaching mind that is able to cut across visual barriers and existing paradigms then we would not have been able to develop such diverse ways of thinking, perception and cultures. Our strength lies in our diversity, a diversity that has created a heap of knowledge because different people think in different ways.

It is those that have indulged in the art of imagining, yes it is an art, into stretching their minds in ways sometimes impossible to imagine many of whom have created masterpieces of knowledge in science, literature, art and economics to name but a few.

However, although we look at the eccentric and artistic person we also have to consider the success of straightforward driven individuals, who have adapted their attitudes to there craft, that requires focus and persistence, quick thinking and decisiveness, yes it is a different truth.

The mind expands, and stretches in ways impossible to imagine and it is astonishing to say the least that we have been able to stimulate light(that which you see come out of the monitor) to send messages across oceans, skies and space. To land on that big cheese ball called the moon, yes it is remarkable!!! If it were not for the mind and the driven expansion of it, we would definitely not be here to day. So i salute you oh mighty brain, oh! abstract and crazy thought for you are the genius behind success, and improvement.

Eiffel Tower-Paris, France Tokyo Tower-Tokyo, Japan

Two cities, Two Towers, and so much a like....Yet, they're very far apart and very different..........
Reminiscing over memories of the past, remembering the good old days when I was in Japan with my buddies, and staring endlessly at pictures that sent me day dreaming into the past. I came up with these too magnificent pictures of the Eiffel tower in Paris and Tokyo tower in Japan. Guess what?? They're so much the same. The Tokyo tower is actually built to resemble its mother tower, the Eiffel tower. What i found so interesting is the resemblance yet the distance from each other. Both lie in completely antagonistic areas of the world, yet they are both so similar. While in Japan I've seen how the Japanese culture is a such mixture between east and west. It is immersed with new technologies, obsessions with Western culture from clothes to food to attitude, yet simultaneously there culture is extremely well preserved from customary eating traditions such as cuisine and sitting on the floor at a restaurant to museums, palaces and heritage sites that are so well preserved. I saw that the mixture of two cultures is an example of globalization that is at the paramount of greatness and sophistication in Japan and it was a worthwhile experience. I, sincerely, recommend visiting the place very much.

Friday, November 14, 2008

James Blunt!!!

James Blunt! is coming to the capital MCT . The tide is turning for the country I can see. It is very rare when non-arabic music arists visit the country. During the summer Hed Kandi visited Muscat...Last June, I do remember Hi Fm conducting a live chat with James Blunt and it seems that they organized or influenced his decision in coming to Oman, along with Dubai and Beirut. This is James Blunt's first tour and appearance in the middle east and I do hope it is a tour to remember... It seems that Hi Fm is starting to bring some artists to Oman including the Proclaimers that were here last summer. James Blunt, i do think, will be hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel Muscat but I'm not sure how thy'll be able to fit all these people into the intercontinental garden. The concert is scheduled on the 26th of february and tickets are on sale starting the 16th of December!!! Cant wait(hope he doesnt cancel lol)!!!:D