Saturday, September 20, 2008


We spend our entire lives seeking it. But what is it?
Is it  money? Cars? Women? Mansions? Or is it something else entirely.
The American constituition gives the right for the pursuit of happiness, but what about happiness?
Does it exist?
I invite you our readers, to share your thought and drop a line. 
Tell us what does perfection and happiness mean to you?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It just keeps getting bigger!

I just visited Dubai today and I realize everytime time i go back its bigger than when I last left. The amount of construction going on there has created a layer of dust and the sky looks brown I say! When will it ever end expanding I guess not. Political instability in the region? Na i dont think so either. 'The Pentagon is hoping to sell the United Arab Emirates a theater wide missile defense system with an estimated value of 6.95 billion dollars'-

With billions of dollars backing this trading post, if i may call it so, I dont see that it will crash anytime soon, however, with the Global financial Crisis overwhelming today's developed countries, economies, and markets will this have any impact on the growth of Dubai. 
With the big boys protecting this mirrage of the desert I dont think so anytime soon.  But what do you think about all of this? Post here at Vertigo. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey, I'm Modee.
I'm going to be posting alongside Hatem on the Vertigo blog.
Along with the vertigo blog, I'm also a contributor to four other blogs.
Two of which are dead, but thats life :P.
I'm quite active online, so you might know me from a site or two.
Keep coming back and check out our posts ;) .

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sleep walking

Sleep Walking...Has it ever happenned to you?
Just last night something very weird happenned to me. I went to bed, setting my phone alarm and having something to eat. I went in to bed and dozed off like I havn't slept in ages. The next morning I woke up, finding myself in another room and bed, that wasn't the most awkward bit! The point is, I had no idea how i got there. For me this is something new I never experienced this before so it was kind of mind draining. Sleep walking also known as noctambulism is a sleep disorder that acts in a way where people who are engaged in the process have no idea what they are doing. And NO! they dont have their eyes closed and their arms stretched far ahead of them:P People can murder, engage in sexual intercourse, or even drive. It is so extreme that people wake up the next morning unaware of what has occured last night only to be told by friends, family or even the POLICE!

Have you had any experiences if so POST! 

Was Gonu that devestating?

Was Gonu that devestating for Qurm Beach. Trucks are still moving in and out of that area, and they are still drilling into rock and sand. Will this ever end? They have been working on the road for over a year now and it is yet to be completed. What kind of system operates in such a manner. Things are done really slowly and decisions are as you have seen. When will they ever end this??

The Large Hadron Collider....The Ultimate Machine

The LHC is supposed to be the most adventurous experiment in decades. Over 200 scientists from 30 countries have worked together to produce this huge particle accelerator the spans a circumference of 27km between the border of France and Switzerland. The experiment is supposed to uncover many of physics' secrets, from the notorious Higgs boson to such things as dark matter and antimatter. Yet with all this at hand people have spread rumors over the possible formation of a miniature black hole that is going to devour the Earth. Such things amuse me for two reasons: the first is the thought of the black hole devouring the Earth:-:and the second is how could someone be naive enough to think that scientist would go ahead with such an operation. There have been many particle accelerators over the years such as the one in Illinios, US and there has been nothing out of the ordenary going on. Think again people?!!