Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Large Hadron Collider....The Ultimate Machine

The LHC is supposed to be the most adventurous experiment in decades. Over 200 scientists from 30 countries have worked together to produce this huge particle accelerator the spans a circumference of 27km between the border of France and Switzerland. The experiment is supposed to uncover many of physics' secrets, from the notorious Higgs boson to such things as dark matter and antimatter. Yet with all this at hand people have spread rumors over the possible formation of a miniature black hole that is going to devour the Earth. Such things amuse me for two reasons: the first is the thought of the black hole devouring the Earth:-:and the second is how could someone be naive enough to think that scientist would go ahead with such an operation. There have been many particle accelerators over the years such as the one in Illinios, US and there has been nothing out of the ordenary going on. Think again people?!!