Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sleep walking

Sleep Walking...Has it ever happenned to you?
Just last night something very weird happenned to me. I went to bed, setting my phone alarm and having something to eat. I went in to bed and dozed off like I havn't slept in ages. The next morning I woke up, finding myself in another room and bed, that wasn't the most awkward bit! The point is, I had no idea how i got there. For me this is something new I never experienced this before so it was kind of mind draining. Sleep walking also known as noctambulism is a sleep disorder that acts in a way where people who are engaged in the process have no idea what they are doing. And NO! they dont have their eyes closed and their arms stretched far ahead of them:P People can murder, engage in sexual intercourse, or even drive. It is so extreme that people wake up the next morning unaware of what has occured last night only to be told by friends, family or even the POLICE!

Have you had any experiences if so POST! 


Anonymous said...

yeah slamming doors and trying to escape from my house! a couple of times,,, :o

Anonymous said...

once last yr i woke up in my dogs cage dunno why lol :P