Thursday, September 11, 2008

Was Gonu that devestating?

Was Gonu that devestating for Qurm Beach. Trucks are still moving in and out of that area, and they are still drilling into rock and sand. Will this ever end? They have been working on the road for over a year now and it is yet to be completed. What kind of system operates in such a manner. Things are done really slowly and decisions are as you have seen. When will they ever end this??


Anonymous said...

hey,, i have an idea about this

random words:
Time is money, thieves, steal, build, roads.. =)

muscati said...

Gonu totally devastated the beach. It washed away most of the sand. The new road's construction only began earlier this year around Feb or March. There were some delays in delivery of materials, especially the concrete quantities and also some delay in equipment for the piling.

The bridges are now close to ready. The roads have to be built on top.