Sunday, September 14, 2008

It just keeps getting bigger!

I just visited Dubai today and I realize everytime time i go back its bigger than when I last left. The amount of construction going on there has created a layer of dust and the sky looks brown I say! When will it ever end expanding I guess not. Political instability in the region? Na i dont think so either. 'The Pentagon is hoping to sell the United Arab Emirates a theater wide missile defense system with an estimated value of 6.95 billion dollars'-

With billions of dollars backing this trading post, if i may call it so, I dont see that it will crash anytime soon, however, with the Global financial Crisis overwhelming today's developed countries, economies, and markets will this have any impact on the growth of Dubai. 
With the big boys protecting this mirrage of the desert I dont think so anytime soon.  But what do you think about all of this? Post here at Vertigo.