Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eiffel Tower-Paris, France Tokyo Tower-Tokyo, Japan

Two cities, Two Towers, and so much a like....Yet, they're very far apart and very different..........
Reminiscing over memories of the past, remembering the good old days when I was in Japan with my buddies, and staring endlessly at pictures that sent me day dreaming into the past. I came up with these too magnificent pictures of the Eiffel tower in Paris and Tokyo tower in Japan. Guess what?? They're so much the same. The Tokyo tower is actually built to resemble its mother tower, the Eiffel tower. What i found so interesting is the resemblance yet the distance from each other. Both lie in completely antagonistic areas of the world, yet they are both so similar. While in Japan I've seen how the Japanese culture is a such mixture between east and west. It is immersed with new technologies, obsessions with Western culture from clothes to food to attitude, yet simultaneously there culture is extremely well preserved from customary eating traditions such as cuisine and sitting on the floor at a restaurant to museums, palaces and heritage sites that are so well preserved. I saw that the mixture of two cultures is an example of globalization that is at the paramount of greatness and sophistication in Japan and it was a worthwhile experience. I, sincerely, recommend visiting the place very much.