Sunday, November 16, 2008


You always wonder oh! what do I want to eat after that long and tiresome period of exercise. Whether your lifting waits or driving yourself with some good old cardio, this meal is sure to satisfy your expectations, making you feel delighted, leaving you light, boosting up that muscle, and leaving a flavour that your taste buds wont forget.
Yes it's some gold old red meat, a rib-eye steak! Marinate that steak with whatever you like. I personally enjoyed it with some mustard, salt and pepper, butter, and barbecue sauce yet the choice is up to you. Cook it as you like it but there is nothing better than a good old medium cooked steak that leaves the redness in that meat and that is still full of that meaty juice.
Believe me it's a great feeling and good for your body too, especially after returning from exercise. This red meat contains a load of protein, which beats that protein shake in taste anytime. The protein giving you a great amount of energy after your workout and building those muscles up.
So get some good old steak, chill and grill!