Friday, March 13, 2009

B + F Roadside Diner...Review

A couple of friends and I decided to go and checkout this new hotspot in town at Shining Shatti (Bareeq Shatti). I have seen that they have been working on it for a while now, getting the place ready for opening, it sure did take a while and it's still a soft opening too ( The Grand Opening is in April). As we walked in we were greeted happily, albeit a bit too much, by the staff as they were eager to sit us down, at an already filled up restaurant. The place is not your traditional burger joint, mainly modelled with steel walls, and all sorts of accessories and unorthodox design, that gives the place a unique ambience. The menu itself was luring, with it's thick metal like cover and the wide choice of variety as you flip the pages (although they still do not serve milk shakes, smoothies, or any other juices or drinks apart from your regular soda). You can try some interesting starters such as chilli cheese fries, or nachos, and indulge into a classic burger or gourmet burger add some accessories such as fries to that and you have yourself a great meal! Overall the meat that they used was really juicy and tasty far better than your regular McDonalds. The only drawback I experienced was the fact that when I wanted to pay using my credit card they did not have that option available.


S said...

I thought the place was a bit too noisy for me.