Monday, March 23, 2009


The Chicken Pox, 

A couple of weeks back my younger brother, 14, had the chicken pox. I do not know how or where he got it, probably at some pool or something. Anyways i stayed at least a few metres away I did not even sit in the T.V. room, speak directly with him, and guess what? Now I have it. Chicken Pox at 17 is definitely greatly agitating, it's my final year of I.B. and things at school are pretty important now, and so I'm resenting this completely. I discovered I had the chickenpox when I got back from school yesterday. In the morning I noticed my back was a bit overloaded with spots, and I said to myself 'wow, what kind of acne is this, is this a bit too much?’ Well I ignored it. When I got back home I found much on my chest and back and then asked 'the dad' and confirmed the chickenpox. What a bad time to get this horrible virus.



Got up from bed and immediately went to Starbucks Shatti with my older brother, we sat outside where there was no one, and had coffee and chatted for about an hour. Then it was back home, where I engaged in some organic chemistry revision, I had the energy. A movie, Batman Begins, followed and then lunch, more T.V., PC, and napping. Not a bad day except for the spells of fatigue and dizziness. 





PS. Resisting to scratch (it's hard), but I haven’t done it yet. 


Leaving you with a picture of my face (viewer discretion is advised)


Anonymous said...

awww at least your day wasnt shitty.
get better asap!

Pooja Shah said...
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Pooja Shah said...

This blog is sooo cute :) I absolutely lovee it baby!!

Pooja Shah said...

Hey baby! Your blog is so cute :) I absolutely love it!
Keep updatingg it!

Sariya said...

Poor soul!