Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little rant of mine on everything going on in our world at the moment.

My first blog posting of the new year, so a belated happy new years to all our readers.... all two of you.

First I'd like to share an amusing video with you
Your welcome

Next I'd like to talk about a topic which I think everyone has heard about
and has been moved by the events that followed, and that is Israel's
illegal seige on Gaza. Yes, illegal
Illegal why? Several reasons which I believe Hatem has covered in one
of his previous postings.
I'd like to make a comment though on what president Barack Obama
made in one of his pre inauguration speeches. He said that if someone
was attacking him with rockets while his children are sleeping he'd fight
back and that Israel has every right to fight back.
I'm sorry Mr Obama but I believed you to be an educated man. However,
an educated person does not make foolish statements such as those.
I know from my postings it seems that I am critical of Mr Obama, it may
seem that I don't like him, but your wrong I'm just making points on his
faultings. Why do I say a person who is educated would not make a
comment like that? Because a person who is educated ( and I don't
mean edcucated in the sense of degrees and honors and everything),
a person who is educated looks into a topic before making blank
I don't think you know this Mr Obama but Israel broke the ceasefire while
you were partying over your presidency win. Yes, Israel broke the ceasefire
, I'm sorry if i disappointed our fox news viewing readers but that is the fact.
On election day 2008 Israel fired rockets into Gaza, Hamas responded.

I myself am not entirely convinced with Hamas, but as Mr Obama said, if
someone is firing rockets at you while your children are sleeping you have
the right to defend yourself.

Another point I have to raise about the seige is (and excuse my language)
Where the f*** is the international community???? When Russia invaded
Georgia last summer it was all over the news. Why? Because the western
media opposes Russia, whereas they are in aid of the Israeli cause.
Western supremacy controlling media at its best. Not only was the seige
on Gaza illegal it was inhumane. Over 1300 killed and over 4000 injured
compared to 10s of dead Israelis is inproportionate attacks according to
Israel. YES IT IS inproportionate you dumb f***, just not the way your
describing it.I do not understand how the whole world could just watch a
massacre like that and do nothing about it? Where is our empathy? Where
is our compassion?
Lives are being taken, families broken, a country in carnage. And all
America the world's superpower can do is withdraw its vote from a UN
resolution seeking peace.
That my friend reminds me of a saying "with great power comes great
responsibility" (yes I know its from spiderman) and the USA is not at all
being responsible with the power that it has.

I don't understand how a country of 300 million individuals can be controlled by a tiny zionist state. Yes, controlled. If tomorrow, the UK decided to
attack some country, the US wouldn't allow it. However Israel decides to
commit genocide and the American government starts singing "you can do whatever you like".

Next topic, the credit crunch. coming soon.....


Hatem said...

For clarification the ceasefire was broken by Israel on November the 4th, killing six from Hamas inside Gaza, while claiming that Hamas was trying to build a tunnel to kidnap an Israeli soldier.