Monday, November 17, 2008

Barack Obama, hope or hopeless?

November 4th. That was the date we were all waiting for. The day the world would witness a dawn of a new era in the US administration, a day history would be made. The first African American president or the first female vice president. The world, the media and the momentum were all on Obama's side. America voted and so were they. President elect Barack Obama, thats all that was on the news for a week. His messages of hope and his speeches of a new day bore much resemblance to the charisma and the calibre of Dr. Revrd. Martin Luther Kings Jr. 
Two weeks after that historic day, the world is starting to ask questions, they are starting to lose hope. Was it all a scam they ask? Is he really going to create a better world? Can he? Is he just another politician, sweet tongued with a posion sting? Then they started to question his appointees, mainly Rahm Emanuel, who is a zionist. 
My verdict is, its too early to tell. However, politicians are politicians , no matter who you are, no matter what you say, if  you are a politician you will do anything to get elected. He says hes going to change Washington? 230 years without change, good luck buddy. I do highly regard Obama though and I do think he will improve the US economy and its foreign policy, although with respect to his ideas, the US foreign policy's core will never change. Regarding Rahm Emanuel, he was appointed cheif of staff, meaning he has no influence over foreign policy, security , the economy or any of the sort. My biggest fear of president elect Obama is that he is going to become the most powerful man in the history of the world. His ability to rally people and get them behind him is unparalelled, which will allow him to get support the world has never seen, if he wishes he could probably start wars which are unjustifiable, but with the power of his words seem more than justified.


Sariya Al-Ismaili said...

I love the way you put it. Very original. Question remains, can change be made?